Wide Leg Jeans

how to style wide leg jeans

You might see me in these jeans more often than I’d like to admit, but trust me, there’s a good reason why.

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The Must Have Skirt

How to style a sequin shirt and sequin skrirt

Looking at these pictures all I could think of was Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ playing in the background, ha! Sequins make me feel some type of way; they are so playful but refined at the same time (when you wear them appropriately, of course). I love both of these pieces from J.Crew because they compliment each other when worn together or can be worn separately with out being overwhelming, or maybe I just don’t care that they are bold?

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Camel Colored Coat

How to style a camel colored coat for a casual outfit

January is still a winter month but my hopes for a ‘real’ winter are pretty much dead. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the last couple of days here in Houston, I just wish I would’ve had more opportunities to wear super cute winter clothes. On that note, I want to share with you guys this outfit, that night was acceptably cool so a turtleneck and coat was a totally acceptable choice.

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Lace Pants

JCrew lace pants styled by Isamari M | Opal & Crown

It is 2017! Isn’t that crazy!? I know that everyone always says stuff like “wow, this year went by so fast” and such, but honestly it doesn’t feel like a new year, ya feel me? Or am I the only one that thinks like that? Maybe is because we only had like 5 days of ‘winter’ (if our 50 degree weather even qualifies to be called winter, ha.), that I don’t feel like 2016 had a proper farewell. Anyway, today I am sharing with you my new favorite closet staple: the lace pant. I’d been eyeing these babies for forever and I finally got my hands on them.

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Seein’ Red

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Isamari styles a red gown and shows how to accessorize it

I had a little rough patch this past week, but thankfully everything is back to normal, so I am here with another blog post for y’all. Yay! If you know me you know I am not a big fan of country music; every time I tried listening to it I got dizzy (so weird, I know!) So I avoided that genre as much as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I had a few favorite songs, but it is not my music of choice (play Chromeo and I’m your girl!). Anyway, thanks to a free SiriusXM trial I started listening to country and I found out what I have been missing! I’m still not crazy for country but I can say I like it 75% more than I did before. So when I was trying to think of a title for this post I kept thinking of “Seein’ Red” by Dustin Lynch, and voila! here is today’s post!

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Vintage Feel

how to style a vintage jacket

If you have visited Opal & Crown before then you definitely noticed then new look the website got, I am so excited with how it turned out and I hope you like it too!

I am also very thrilled to share my first outfit post with you all. This is one of my personal favorites; I love both the color and silhouette of this vintage jacket, it makes me feel very Coco Chanel-ish.

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December Calendar Printable

free calendar printable

December is here, that is crazy! Yet another year that has flown by and I still haven’t done much with my life haha. On the bright side, this means that a new year is closer and now I have the chance to start over & try to stick to planning this time around. I promised myself that for next year I would only have one planner, but I somehow ended up with three (and that’s not counting my service planner), how does this even happen? This is a serious problem y’all.

On the note of planning here is December’s printable calendar, simply click on the link and print.

November 2016 Calendar Printable


Hello November!

November is one of my favorite months, maybe it is the weather change but life comes together for me in the fall months. I love everything about it. Sometimes I wish I lived up north so I could really experience what fall is like. Here in Houston the leaves don’t even change colors; they just die and fall to the ground lol.

Anyway, here is November’s free printable calendar. Enjoy!

xo, Isa.